Baby Portrait Photo by iam Se7en on Unsplash

Surviving Year One: Infant Mortality & The Black Child

SYO focuses on the crisis of infant mortality in the African American community. SYO cites experts and personal experiences as an insight to how we can combat, conquer and decrease the likelihood of losing our babies before their first birthday. #SYO 

The Millennial Dad: Javier Sowell


Javier Sowell is a junior and mass communications major at Wilberforce University. His home is in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a student athlete who uses writing to advocate for African Americans using history as evidence. Javier prides himself on being an artist, creator, author and of course a father. Within his interview he highlights what it has been like to step into fatherhood. 

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Putting The Father Back In Family: Mr. Nathaniel Jordan

Connecting Psychiatry With Infant Mortality: Dr. Mark Hurst